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Welcome to Skyzone Africa Group


!!! Helping Businesses, African Governments & their Communities to Sustainably Accelerate & Maximise Economic Growth & Saftey !!!

Skyzone Africa Group Is a Business and Research Technology group of companies providing high level Result Oriented & innovative Integrated professional Solutions & Services aimed at enhancing Productivity, Planning & Management efficiency, social safety & Environmental Peace. We beleive in Research and Innovation as the best road to consistent finding of accurate solutions to developmemnt problems and gaining market and industry relevance in addition to guarranteeing exact client expected Returns on Investment (ROI). Skyzone offers a wide range of services and solutions ranging from Digital GIS, Environment & Disasters, ICT , Energy , Agriculture, Governance & security for Urban & Rural Africa.

Advanced Remote Trace & Navigation solutions

GPS/GIS Satellite based Technologies for acurate Planning & real time management of Resources and General Navigation have become the most Essential requirement for most, Governments, companies, Organisations and many individuals who care about raising and guarranteeing high productivity levels, total accuracy in resource allocation and utitlisation, peace of mind and the overal cost and risks of operations. They are also an excellent tool for managing all types of resources operating or stationed in remote locations that you may not have direct access or control over. Personnel officers, Fleet and Asset owners and managers who intend to direct efficient and cost-effective operations, this is the most effective and essential solution and service to grab. Skyzone offers the most comprehensive GPS Satellite based- solutions and Services that are acurately tailored to efficiently meet the Client's specific need.

Trace & manage your Remote Fuel with us Navigate easily to your unknown destination GIS

Skyzone Group Projects

Engineering, Research, Training & Consultancy Projects

Skyzone Advanced Remote Resource Monitoring System gives you real time view and comprehensive accurate reports about any of your remote resource operations including a long time history play back, Integration with Remote CCTV live video Surveilence and many others. Giving all our customers excellent Returns on Investment. Name it and we shall help you trace,locate & manage your value worldwide, using our long timeexpertise and innovative wide range GPS/GIS solutions. , Recover ing Stolen Assets in Real time

Advanced Management of Petrolium Fuels (Diesel, Petrol, Oil, Gas & Related Environmental Hazards )

Fuel in Storage Tanks, Pipe lines and Processing Plants

Web-Based Remote Fuel management Consultants For all Petrolium Products--Diesel, Petrol, Oil and Gas For All cateories of Mobile & Stationary Tanks More

Fuel in Dispensing Stations, Generators & Industrial Plants

Fuel in Transpotation Tankers & Fleet Fuels User Login

News Update

July, 2015
Skyzone now monitors all Utilities ( online Power, Water & Gas Metering, billing , Faults & Fraud) and integrates Fuel & Fleet Management' with CCTV surveillance Application for live remote site activity video monitoring

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