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Fleet Industry Issues Effectively Solved by Skyzone Track

  • The intricacies and complexities of administration
  • The tremendous financial burden in effectively controlling drivers and vehicles
  • The uncertainty about field activities which arises from lack of information
  • Inproper vehicle utilization and driver/field staff productivity
  • The abuse of vehicle by company drivers/field staff
  • The use of unscheduled routes and making unscheduled deliveries
  • It allows efficient management of the company and provides enhanced tracking of the drivers and the vehicles which are the most essential assets of any organization
  • The regular inflow of information of service deliveries and service stops provides an augmentation in customer satisfaction
  • Curbing the costs of insurance, fuel and vehicle maintenance through monitoring and control of driving activities like speeding.
  • Productive vehicles and drivers directly lead to an enhancement in sales potential
  • The ability of a rapid and effective response which provides increased efficiency

Common Inndustry issues Cont'n

  • Inefficiency in dispatching and general production time management
  • use of excessive fuel due to poor rout planning, Rampant Fuel thefts, unmanaged vehicle Idling , False Re-filling volumes, e.t.c
  • High maintenance costs due to bad driving, overspeeding, unauthorised vehicle/asset usage
  • Missed deliveries and Pick-ups due to unmanaged delays, unauthorised route diversions
  • Inaccuracy in the determination of payroll hours
  • General costly lies by field staff , Asset operators or resource managers
  • Unsafe and risk prone driving habits
  • Difficulty in timely renewals and management of Asset insurance premiums and maintenence schedules
  • Lack of precision in mileage or Engine Hours and fuel records
  • Difficult varification of accurate fuel deliveries and dispensing at Fuel service stations and Deports
  • No other quick sure way of locating and recoverying asset/Vhicle in case of theft
  • Difficulty in assigning responsibility to the Asset user in case of any violations .
  • The risk of all your perishable goods getting damaged by high temperatures due to unconssiusness or unresponsivenes of the driver/asset operator
  • Difficulty in easy and accurate location of your field staff and ascertaining ongoing field activity.
  • overal production time wastage and Asset mismanagement .
  • Un professional or Ethically sound drivers/operators and some fleet managers
  • The risk of delaying or losing your Cargo due to general difficulty in following up events around your Cargo
  • Risk of Marine Vessels getting lost from right route and delaying the journey or Knocking underwater obstacles with the high risk to Sink
  • Difficulty in locating Accident Victims in case of Marine Vessel sinking or getting any fatal accident
  • General difficulty in Locating and efficient management of scattered/Terrain plants or Installations/Investments
  • General difficulty in Navigating the route to the destination in case of new unexplored journeys/places
  • Difficult management and varification of on route terrorism, Accident or disaster activity.
  • Difficulty locating for Tourists or tracking lost Game Wild life by Game park managers/rangers hence leading to lost revenue
  • Difficulty locating some lost or scartterd animals in a big farm
  • Difficulty locating lost domestic animals and pets.
  • And many many others

Concerns Over Employee Efficiency

  • What are your drivers or field prsonnel doing during working hours?
  • Are they adhering to the preplanned routes?
  • Are the goods and services being delivered to customers on time?
  • How much time is spent by drivers with the customers?
  • Where did they stop and for what duration?
  • Are they entering unauthorized zones during the period of work?
  • Are they subjecting the company vehicles to misuse?
  • How much fuel and time is wasted due to idling unauthorised Asset usage?
  • Is time and fuel being unduly wasted as they search for the right route?
  • Can the labor and fuel cost be calculated more precisely?
News Update
May, 2014
Skyzone Track now integrates Fuel Sensor with the application.
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