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Research & Development, Key to sustainable growth



Research, Project Dev't, Monitoring & Evaluation (Research Consultancy & Partnership Projects)

Heavily GIS integrated Research & Dev't

  • Technology Research & Innovations
  • Telecoms/ ICT projects - Project development, Service Coverage customer demand/consumption data Surveys & Analysis Projects
  • Buisness Automation needs Analysis Research consultancy
  • Development of Data Collection, Data Entry and Analysis Templates and Applications
  • Water, Sanitation, & Community Health Research and Training - Ngo/Gov't Component
  • NGOs,Gov't ,Buisiness Firms - Project Dev’t & Market Research services
  • Education, Agriculture & Community livelihoods Research (GIS Integrated)
  • Project Data Surveys, Analysis and Report writing
  • Project Evaluation & Capacity Development for NGOs, Governments, Companies, Institutions,,,
  • Project Development consultancy for Companies, NGOS, Gov’ts,
  • Rural water & Sanitation Project development consultancy
  • GIS integrated Data surveys, Analysis & Reporting
  • GIS integrated Social Research & Planning , susch as Demographic Data Surveys, e.t.c
  • GIS intergred Environmental Research ( Data Surveys, Monitoring and Impact Assessment)
  • GIS integrated Project Planning, Management,
  • Project Monitoring & Evaluation contracts
  • Development of GIS Planning Applications & Databases

Skyzone Group working with professionals in East Africa and world wide to develop hard solutions to boost growth and development, especially in Africa. ''Innovativing for sustainable Economic growth & Social Safety.

We beleive in Active Research and Development as the only sure way of solving the growing bigger problem of unemployment, persistent househopld poverty, market sustainability and competitive Global economic and business advantage . Putting more ephasis in science and technology research and develeopment especially in the areas of;

  • ICT & Logic Science
  • Agriculture
  • Climate Cange (Environment and Disaster management)
  • Energy
  • Space, Marine and Natural Sciences
  • Engineering (Automotive & Hydraulics, Construction, Hydrology, Urban Management Systems, Health Care Systems)
  • Buisness Development

Inviting you to Join our Group team today and be part of the success story.





KNOWN AS; ''SKY-LABS & NORTH-LABS, Respectively''

To help us develop Capacity to carry out sustainable active research & Development, We therfore, offer out wide range Investment/Donor Partnership opportunities for our Research programs in Uganda (East Africa) and now invite credible individuals and Bodies world wide to invest in the Uganda Labs to help us develop capacity to carry out sustainable productive Research & Community skilling programs in any of the areas listed above and below. The investment Partnership shall be in the specific area of Capacity building that includes;

  • Supply of Technology (Compurter Harware & software + all other Technology infrustrature)
  • Human Resource Development & Mentorship
  • Research & Development
  • Finance and other Logistical support
  • General infrustracture development (Shelter, Energy, and security)

The Research centers shall also provide comercial and Non-comercial Skills Training and mentorship opportunities, mobile and Non- mobile programs for communities within Northern and Eastern Uganda in various crucial areas meant to speedly eradicate massive household poverty linked surfering and to accelerate National and Regional developmet in line with UN Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Dowload PDF printable Copy

Contact us for more info. on +256(0) 414660959 OR Send E-mail to: info@skyzongroup.com

Sky-Labs/North-Labs Research & Development Team

  • Industry Analysts
  • Quality, Standardisation & Assurance Experts
  • Research Technicians
  • System Analysts
  • R & D Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Data collectors & Analysts
  • Research Agents
  • Project Administartors and managers

Skyzone group developing capacity to carry out successfull reserach and development in many vital technology areas such as, Improved fuels and Automotives, ICT & Artificial Intelligence, Agriculture, Energy, Space , Environment and Natural sciences such as the ones below that have been developed in the other side of the world other than Africa.

''Thankyou for being part of the Success story''

News Update
May, 2014
Skyzone Track now integrates Fuel Sensor with the application.

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