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Technology Solutions & Services for Real Growth & Sustainability

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Skyzone is a legally registered Business and Research Technology group of companies providing innovative Services and Solutions aimed at enhancing real economic growth and Social safety. Skyzone has all the legal and resource capacity to execute any project and has never been implicated in any courts of law for breech of any Service Level Agreement (SLA), whatsoever. We believe in high level integrity, ethical and professional actions that guarratee an Excellent Win for our dear clients.

Our Technology & professional services and solutions give our clients the best returns on investment and total peace of mind. We strongly beleive in Research and Innovation as the best road to achieving sustainable growth & total client satisfaction, market relevance & general socio- business sustainability, besides massive Job creation .

Our core services and solutions are focussed on helping businesses, communities in Africa and around the world increase productivity & safety through providing accurate and real time technical assistance and Information needed to enhence such sustainable productivity, growth and safety.

Established by a team of highly experienced professional Engineers and supported by another team of Excellent Scientists, professionals, industry/trade partners & friends worldwide, Skyzone turns your tangible problems into tangible profits and business/sector stability. Our work is to make you satisfied and happy by using technology  and tested professional high skilled labour force to advance your vision, mission, eliminating massive loses and helping you clearly predict, measure and exceedingly achieve your actual expected Returns on Investment (ROI).

Skyzone is proud to be one of the market leaders in Africa in the fields that we undertake. Our professionals have successfully executed various High Level Projects (HLP) for reputable Organizations across the Continent. 

Skyzone puts total emphasis in delivering high level knowledge based & professional Scientific Solutions and Services that cut across the main cruicial areas in Socio-Economic Development, Business & Governance, with much focus put on Intesive Research and Innovations as the core means to real sustainable market relevance and finding accurate solutions for our precious cleints, Continent and Global sustainability.

We define our Expertise as; Critical Understanding of the specific need, well researched and planned methodological approach, observation of Technical Accuracy, None deviation from the right design specifications & SLA, Professionalism and high level Ethics and Integrity when executing any project task or assignment. Go-Skyzone and get the best real solutions and services that stand the hard test of time.

Skyzone has all the legal documentation, excellent track record and credibility to carry out business transactions with any of her prospective clients or partners, and has NEVER been implicated in any courts of law or so, for breach of contract or whatsoever. We believe in systems, procedures and methods that avoid punitive action or losses for any of our good partners.
To deliver high quality innovative and support services that cope with the current market, industry and Global demands and challenges through undertaking more challenging tasks and applying Specialized Expertise, Critical thinking, Analysis and Evaluation Methods to create Total Satisfaction for the Customer and all those in need.

We believe that quality blended with excellent service is the foundation for a long term relationship that develops mutually beneficial business opportunities. Our customers’ existence is our existence. Customer’s trust and confidence is our Energy.
We promise to provide forefront Services and solutions that accurately meet customer needs.

OUR QUALITY OBJECTIVES are in line with ISO quality Stadards that cosistently make us achieve and sustain a level that guarantees our safe existence  in the business and technology industry by placing the customer, product quality and internal quality management systems at the first level.

We emphasise in ''Documenting what we do and doing what we document''and in inlight of customer feedbacks so as to ensure consistent total customer satisfaction and our relevance in the industry.


Ensure that our our product is closer to our Boss '' the Customer and that he/she gets them with high quality, desired accuracy and at the most cost-friendly prices possible . Integrity, Accuracy, Professionalism, zero deviation from SLA , zero interferance or inconvinience to the Customer, and total adherance to the best environmental, Health and Industry safety standards and practices, are our number one empahsis when exceuting any of our project tasks.

We deliver solutions and services that come with a huge number of sustainable benefits to our clients and partners

News Update
May, 2014
Skyzone Track now integrates Fleet & Fuel management solution with live online CCTV real time Video surveillance.

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