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Did You Know?
Life is derived from clean, green & Safe Environment ?
Assess, Clean up and Protect your Environment

Do not Cause or Wait for a Disaster

''' Your Environment Your Life, Water is Life '''

Go Green, Go Water , Go safe with Skyzone Group

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Products Range


Our Team of Engineers and Professionals are on standby to fix all your problems once and for all

Water, Sewers & Environmental Surveying, Instrumentation, Assessment, Analysis & Engineering services and solutions.

  • Wetlands, Forest land, and Natural Resources GIS Mapping & Data digitalisation works
  • Environmental Impact Assessment, Polution monitoring and Reporting
  • Automatic Sewer level monitoring and Network (GPS/GPRS/GSM/) Reporting systems.
  • Site Assessment and GIS surveys for Telecoms, Costruction & Industrial developments
  • Ground/Rural Water surveys & Engineering works.
  • Water supply Engineering Consultancy
  • Automatic water supply control and management systems for Farms and urban settlemets
  • Borehole construction and Rehabilitation works
  • Modern Weather stations/Meterrological Centers Engineering services & Supply of such associeted
  • Environmental Disasters Early Warning Systems (Floods,Land slides,)-- Technical project design & implimentation works.
  • Genral Consultancy

Promote a green planet

Early Warning Systems (EWS)
Be able to tell in real time your environmental conditions through SMS/GPRS Alerts, Siren,, and act accordingly in real time.  Avoid ignorance   
that will lead you to disasters such as Landslides, Earthquake, Famine, Drowning in Floods, e.t.c. Our systems are quick self analyzing and  
report any preprogrammed environmental event variations based on Pre-Programmed Measurable parameters such as Water level changes,
Tectonic soil movement, Temperature, Humidity, wind, Rainfall, e.t.c.


  • Floods
  • Land/Mud slides
  • Town sewers and Water levels
  • Fires
  • Building Cracks
  • E.t.c.

Monitor water levels in Rivers, Lakes and Oceans to avoid Loss of lives due to sudden out bursts/over flooding. Users will be alerted in real time about the events. Sky-Zone uses a variety of Intelligent GPS/GSM/GPRS/ and satellite systems, among a list of others, to monitor and manage Environment, Disasters and such calamities in Prone areas.
In Urban Water supply works, we also use these systems to remotely monitor sewerage and Water Levels and disposal states & rates enabling one to remotely manage the system efficiently and cost effectively.
-Ability to switch on and off your water tank/Supply Pumps, Flocculation Equipment, Chlorine Gas leakage monitoring, Blowers, Automated Water Valves, Compressors, Power Isolators, e.t.c, e.t.c
Environmental Monitoring and general remote control technology blended with GPS Integration & GIS Mapping makes us perform to the best expectation of our clients

Guard your Environment as you Settle, Construct, Manufacture, Farm or Explore natural resources . ''Environment, our life'', ''Water is life ''.

Understand the Effect of Farming Activity on your healthy Evironment and Ensure Industrial Activity is free from negative effect on our Environment. Contact Skyzone group to help you out. Also ensure Safe working Evironment.



News Update
May, 2014
Skyzone Track now integrates Fuel Sensor with the application.

Build your Mordern Weather Sations with Skyzone


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