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Our Benefits

Skyzone delivers a wide variety of innovative solutions and services that come with desired Accuracy and a huge number of sustainable benefits to our clients. A huge number of benefits that guarrantee client expected Returns on Investment. With our expert exprience, costomer feed backs and continuous research, we provide Technology Solutions & Services for Real Growth & Sustainability for Businesses, organisations and many developing communities and economies in Africa.

Our services and solution present a huge range of benefits to our clients ; from GPS to Environmental, ICT and Energy solutions and services amed enhacing Productivity and safety.

The Ultimate Benefits of our Advanced GPS Fleet/Resources Management Solutions;

If the nature of your business requires you to deal with day to day jobs like couriers, then knowledge about the nearest available vehicle can save time, check fuel Level and consumption thus increasing productivity. Even a single litre of fuel saved can recoup the cost of the system for the day and additional benefits of enhanced productivity supplement this saving.

Time theft is one of the major high cost enhancing aspects of every industry. The knowledge of whereabouts of the workforce, their time of commencing and completing operations and their breaks can exercise a profound impact on the overall costs. While the wages remain constant, most companies witness an increase in the productivity levels which directly coincides with the tracking system installation

If any employee requires immediate attention, knowledge of his location can be crucial. GPS Tracking Systems permit the installation of distress buttons which can alert any particular office or mobile number previously designated for the purpose with information about employee location

Those who work honestly every day, detest that those who are slack receive the same wages. This is a major source of discouragement. Through the evidence offered by the Tracking System, it is possible to reward the deserving employees and keep their motivation high

A significant reduction in overtime is one of the most important benefits which accrue from utilization of the GPS fleet/personnel tracking system. Many organizations have witnessed a substantial decline in overtime claims subsequent to the installation of this system which in turn translates into enhanced productivity

A substantial sum of money is wasted in communication between the client, you and your drivers or field staff as you have to determine the time at which the they may arrive on-site. GPS Tracking Systems permit you to conveniently determine the location of your resources and use this information to resolve client queries in seconds, thus providing superior customer service as well as saving time and money spent on lengthy and complicated communication patterns and general lies

The ability to gain information about the activities of the entire workforce will provide you with the power to effectively allocate jobs while ensuring that they do not receive wages without actively accomplishing a job thus generating revenue for the company. our integrated GPS tracking systems allow you to determine the time spent on site and traveling. A courier company requires employees to spend minimum time on site while an Engineering corporation requires the opposite. A reliable tracking system will be able to provide Line managers with the necessary information about the time spent in transit and the proportional time spent on site

There are several organizations which permit vehicle usage for personal reasons beyond working hours as long as the use is not excessive. This policy is often misused since employees indulge in excessive usage and moonlighting which in turn leads to an increase in leasing, fuel and maintenance costs. GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems allow companies to curb such misuse and the savings thus accrued will be more than the actual cost of the system

GPS Tracking Systems permit analysis of the routes taken and display areas which require improvement thus leading to significant savings in time and other resources such as fuel. Even a single litre of fuel saved is sufficient to off set the cost of the system or operations for that day and permits an increase in productivity or a reduction in overtime wages

If there are client concerns about invoice details such as on site time spent, you can provide details about the time spent on the premises and the distance covered to reach the same using GPS Tracking system. This leads to prevention of money expenditure in unnecessary credits and the customers feel safe about not getting unduly overcharged

If drivers slow down to observe the speed limits for even a month, you can save upto 20% of total running costs through reduction in fuel consumption, accidents and maintenance charges and your drivers may retain their licenses for a longer period. It also reduces the premium liability for insurance and you will notice a decline in maintenance and servicing costs with time. While it might be close to a year when the difference becomes self evident, it will invariably manifest with the reduction in speeding

And many more GPS Benefits as detailed more in this Last slide

The vehicle tracking system allows fleet managers exercise control over vehicles by directing drivers to drive slowly, choose shorter routes and prevent accidents which can then be presented to the insurance company to obtain a discount. GPS Vehicle tracking system also allows you to determine vehicle location and immobilise it in case of theft. If your insurance agency is not ready to provide you discount, try others who do since there are many who do offer discounts if you can prove material improvement.

Skyzone tracking systems is the ultimate GPS Tracking System which can significantly benefit your business. Owners will witness an increased efficiency and superior profits while drivers or staff will have simplified jobs and be more productive

General GPS Fleet Management Solution (FMS)Benefits

  • Very Clear Easy to use Web-based system giving you live view of your resources anytime anywhere in the world even on your mobile phone at your own convenience.
  • Better Fuel management—Know your fuel anywhere any time- such as Theft, refueling, live Online Fuel Consumption rate and maximize profits
  • Cheap and Affordable cost for the Customer
  • Automatic control of  Asset over speeding hence avoiding reckless accidents that lead to massive losses.
  • Eliminate unnecessary overtime costs due to un authorized overtime Asset usage.
  •  Asset Usage optimization by accurate live tracking of trips and routes
  • Easy Printable fuel Statistics and Asset status reports, --Fuel thefts, re-fueling, Consumption details, Refilling station details, all accurate and in real time supported with location maps .
  • Get Quick view of vehicle details on transparent screens by just pointing on vehicle icon, e.g.; Fuel level, speed, ignition status, Driver name, location, time, e.t.c.
  • Quick detection and view of location of Asset and bad event to help you control misuse hence eliminating or minimizing possible losses in real time .
  • Fleet dispatch optimization and accuracy; Be alerted when vehicle reaches/exits from your POI, hence helping you automatically monitor Driver delay/ performance level and assign penalties or benefits.
  • Lower insurance costs;  Alerts and reports for bad driving, hash braking, insurance time expiry , Asset service time expiry,  hence avoiding unnecessary human error accidents and police charges        
  • Driver Identification---full time Knowledge of who drives/used your Asset and get full detailed reports
  • Be able to Immobilize your car by SMS in case of theft or un authorized usage
  • Live online CCTV videos and history playback in case of CCTV surveillance integration with GPS FMS System
News Update
Skyzone now monitors all Utilities ( Power, Water & Gas Metering , billing , Faults & Fraud) online and integrates Fuel & Fleet Management' with CCTV surveillance Application for live remote site activity video monitoring

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