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Why Choose Skyzone?

  • Guarranteed Returns on Investment (ROI) for all our Clients
  • Offering affordable High Quality Services and Solutions to all our clients allowing everyone to grow with any investment on our services and products. We take serious note of the variations of our clients' financial and overal resource capacities yet offer everyone the best perfect services with no discrimination. Our services are tailorable/Customisable to meet every client needs, unlesss otherwise critically bellow critical minimum.
  • Total Critical Accuraccy our first level emphasis & expertise. We deliver the best critical accuracy our clients may not expect. This is our first level Expertise and industry strongest compititive advantage that guarrantees client's expected returns on investment. ____CheckTrack_& Sample Report
  • High level Industry Experience with much empahsis put on continuous product refining and remodeling so that our clients contuously enjoy new more efficient brands of our products and services hence, leading to lasting satisfaction and partnership with no possible investment regrets or losses.

Land, Marine & Space Resources GPS Management solutions

  • High level Professionalism, integrity, Commitment and consistency are key in all our actions when executing any project assignment. We believe that our committed actions must generate for our clients reasonable desired benefits for their investments, other than trigering any kind of loss, whatsoever. Our services and products are customisable to meet exact client needs. Name it and we shall successfully help you out.
  • Excellent Customer service and support. We strongly believe that our Customer satisfaction is our existence, and our customer complaints or disatifaction is our direct market extinction or total loss. That,s why we keep closer attention to our customers at all times just like our body blood vessels. Offering Continous timely and quality oriented support services to all our customers, Friends and partners. ''' Let the customer Stand first to lift us too''. That's our customer service and suport motto. We seriously take Customer feed backs as the real value and market impact of our services and products


  • Having Variety of products and solutions to choose from. With Skyzone Group of companies, our clients have all the maximum freedom and flexibilty to switch to many of our products and services hence avoiding headache of dealing with many different service providers that come with different behavious and quality orienations.

  • Reaching you any time of your choice at your convinient confort place world wide; Over 80% of our services and solutions and field oriented. Just a phone call away or e-mailing us and we can reach you where you're and we conclude the deal. Place, time or nature of service is not our worry provided there is totally no deviation from the Truth, Consistency and Integrity.


  • Total adherence to Best Quality Standards and pratices that keep us and our customers consistently relevant in the international market place. We put emphasis is maintaining effective quality management systems that place us and our partners on the highest business level  and international standards. Constantly adopting and maintain effective quality  of service that copes with customer level and international standards with much ephasis put on exibiting high level of ethical values, Integrity and professionalism when excuting any of our project tasks.
    Airport Car/Fleet Hi-Tech management and security solutions and services
  • Skyzone Group is totally Enviromental concious and adheres to all enviromentally friendly best practices and regulatory instruments globally. A Champion and advocate of promoting and designing Enviromentally friendly and saving solutions and services. We strongly know that ''Destroying our Natural Enviroment is direct detruction of human life and overal Nature'' That's why we took to seriously offer GIS and Enviromental services, Research and Analysis as part of our Core services and solutions, and the Promotion of the use of Renewable Energy for Production and other use especially among Rural and Semi-Urban Settlements. We know that the world and overal life can NEVER exist without preservation of Nature, which is directly our enviroment. '' Our Environment First, then Life, Destroy and perish or NEVER'' That's our Environmental Managenent and service delivery motto. ''God created the world first, then man (Life)'', as a justification of our Internal Enviromental management policy.

Hydro Power & Renewable Energy projects & solutions for Rural Africa

  • Exellent Service delivery Policies and Quality Objectives; Our Service delivery policies and quality objectives are aimed at ensuring Customer convinience & satisfaction, Human & Environmental safety and overal peace in line with ISO Standards

News Update
May, 2014
Skyzone Track now integrates Fleet & Fuel management solution with live online CCTV real time Video survellance.
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