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Case Study

Case Study on the Cost-Efficiency and effectiveness of Skyzone Innovative Technology services and solutions

Skyzone chooses to offer her clients a wide variety of the latest technology solutions and services so that they do not have to run up and down looking for service providers of similar products . This automatically reduces all associated service outsourcing costs. Getting our clients a veriety of solutions and services makes our clients to have total peace of mind and maximum accuracy and flexibility in decision making and resource allocation. Its always very expensive and risky to deal with a new service provider all the time as many may not be having client desired relationship and capacity to accomodate their needs and ever dynamic business requirents due to their un tested level of technical exertise, Innovativeness and relations.

Skyzone offers a much wider variety of crucially needed technology products, solutions and services that can imediately stabilise your planning, Business performance and general market competitiveness. Ranging from GPS/GIS solutions, Telecom/ ICT & Energy solutions and services, among others

With our Continous Research, Innovations a strict Accurate and professsional project /system implimentation, our clients find a confortable home with Skyzone Africa Group of Companies. Our work is to help you accurately Automate your business idea so as to gurrantee your competitiveness and or survival

GPS Technology

GPS technology is very important for Social Planning and accurate general Resource location and management, especially in the mordern world today. Real time Location of your resource is the first stage in accurate timely Planning and management , otherwise everything remains as gues work which comes with huge costs and risks.

Skyzone is an expert in Telematic Engineering Systems Implimentation such as those for locating and managing

  • Field Personnel,
  • Fuel and oils in transit or storage,
  • Marine,
  • Terrain Plants and Installations such as Telecom sites and government Installations
  • Terrorism and security,
  • Fleet and all Mobile or stationary Assets,
  • Temperature management for perishable goods and items,
  • Cargo in transit and Yard,
  • Public Transport Management
  • Power/utilities,
  • GIS Works e.g. for Land and Utility Mapping and general information digitilization,
  • Environment and Disaster Managenet -(Early Warning Systems),
  • Wild life,
  • Aviation Tracking,
  • Street and Terrain Navigation,
  • Wild life,
  • And many others

We can design and impliment your GPS project according to your specific needs and resource copacity

The GPS Remote Resource tracking and management system of Skyzone Africa Group utilizes contemporary satellite technology which can provide a rapid and Quicker complete record of, activity along with details of the real time location of the Resource. We have a professional team of experts who are capable of installing our GPS units and other accessories such as Fuel and temperature level sensors accurately, proffesionally and with minimum time possible. The equipment is tamper free and all wires or antennas are software protected for easy and real time detection of tampering. The GPS unit has the ability to transmit data to the Skyzone Remote secure Data servers every second. This information can be web accessed anytime by authorised system users Globally using the internet from anywhere in the world, making life so easy for resource oners and managers.

GPS tracking can help improve your bottom line and make you realize the actual targeted profits Sky-zone offers all-in-one GPS fleet tracking solutions that have helped many businesses improve their operations and performance.We  can help companies and organizations cut down their operational costs by delivering real solutions that survive the test of time such as Web based Remote Fuel management , various Resources, all types of vehicles, Drivers/Field personnel, Marine, Cargo,  Assets, Utilities Wild life and all GPS tracking solutions for verious Land Marine and Space Resources.

Marine Research and security Survailance

We can also help you develop your Assets & inventory Access, usage and management Policy and train your staff  accordingly based on your business model and convenience.

The common industry generic issues solved by Skyzone GPS Fleet Management System include:

  • Inefficiency in dispatching and general production time management
  • use of excessive fuel due to poor rout planning, Rampant Fuel thefts, unmanaged vehicle Idling , False Re-filling volumes, e.t.c
  • High maintenance costs due to bad driving, overspeeding, unauthorised vehicle/asset usage
  • Missed deliveries and Pick-ups due to unmanaged delays, unauthorised route diversions
  • Inaccuracy in the determination of payroll hours
  • Unsafe and risk prone driving habits
  • Difficulty in timely renewals and management of Asset insurance premiums and maintenence schedules
  • Lack of precision in mileage and fuel records
  • Difficult varification of accurate fuel deliveries and dispensing at Fuel service stations and Deports
  • No other quick sure way of locating and recoverying asset/Vhicle in case of theft
  • Difficulty in assigning responsibility to the Asset user in case of any violations .
  • The risk of all your perishable goods getting damaged by high temperatures due to unconssiusness or unresponsivenes of the driver/asset operator
  • Difficulty in easy and accurate location of your field staff and ascertaining ongoing field activity.
  • overal production time wastage and Asset mismanagement .
  • Un professional or Ethically sound drivers/operators and some fleet managers
  • The risk of delaying or losing your Cargo due to general difficulty in following up events around your Cargo
  • Risk of Marine Vessels getting lost from right route and delaying the journey or Knocking underwater obstacles with the high risk to Sink
  • Difficulty in locating Accident Victims in case of Marine Vessel sinking or getting any fatal accident
  • General difficulty in Locating and efficient management of scattered/Terrain plants or Installations/Investments
  • General difficulty in Navigating the route to the destination in case of new unexplored journeys/places
  • Difficult management and varification of on route terrorism, Accident or disaster activit

You Can Increase the Profitability of your Company through Constant vigilance over every asset and resources including field personnel using Skyzone GPS Tracking System and save millions of cash

  • It provides the exact resource location in real time on Google Maps
  • It has the ability to work anywhere in the world where is satellite or GSM/GPRS Network signals
  • The tracking process is instantaneous and web-based making it so easy to use your mobile phones and wireles pc with internet to login to view and manage your resource/asset any time and place of your convinience

Detailed reports cover divergent aspects including routes taken, mileage, time of idling engine and over speeding and are further supplemented by management oriented summary reports of the entire fleet.

Making the Decision for Installation:
If you own or manage a fleet of vehicles, you may have considered installing Skyzone Tracking System for several years but have invariably hesitated. A few questions that may arise in your mind are:
  • Will it actually make any difference?
  • Is it worth the investment?
  • How will I inform the drivers about the implementation of the system?

“I Wish I had got it before..”, is the reaction we have received from a number of our satisfied clients over the past years who have all observed the instant and significant improvement in efficiency and management of their fleet operations.

Our Installations processes and methods take serious note and consideration of our clients beaty of the asset. We ensure that our clients asset remains good as we found before installtion. No damage or such actions by our staff is accepted or tollerated, whatsoever.

Rural Power & Water Engineering & Digitalisation Project Works . Maximizing the Use and General Application of Renewable Energy to enhance rural clean water coverage, Agro-production and Value addition and helping save Environment from massive destruction. Skyzone with Globe Farm Advancing Drink-Farm Rural Water solutions for Africa. We believe that increasing Rural Electrification coverage and attracting the greater Population, Technologists and Agricultural sector to appreciate the power of using Renewable Energy especially for Agro-Production, Value Addition/Manufacturing, Industrial Research and Automobile Innovations, Water supply and management, Lighting and heating systems, among many others, is the best way we can cut down the huge Environmental Global life risks that lie ahead of man kind as well as accelerating economic developmet especially in Developing economies like Africa

Rural Electrification , a solution to Africa's high Unemployment and poverty levels

Our Innovative Renewable Energy and Water solutions and services come with huge benefits to our clients and governments accros africa. Time is over for Farmers to think of waiting for rain fall and produce once or twice in a year. Skyzone in partnership with Golbe Farm Ltd proides Africa's Farmers with the most appropriate and well tailored energy and Water solutions and Technical Agro information. Our Innovative Renewable Energy Water harvesting, Pumping and distribution systems can make every farmer produce and earn a lot of Income troughout the year without stopping and with minimal investment costs. You will only incur one-time Energy startup costs and the rest of the time over years will just be doing basic system maintenance, and we always ensure our clients are properly trained to acuartely use the system and with our timely continuous client support in case of any querries or help needed. Our Agro- tech target is to help our Farmer clients produce and sell as much as they can (Globe Farm ) through provision of Technical assistence and all Relevant Information--(Market your Products Globally with our Advanced E-Farming Web-based Systems)

This automatically explodes the wealth of many farmers who embrace this simple , cheap and sustainable technology. Contact us for a survey of your Farm or desired site and we shall give you what Correctly fits your requirement . Our Energy Experts will design for you the system that will perfectly give you total peace of mind and satisfaction. Contact Us via our phone lines or E-mails and we shall reach you where you are in any part of African.
The Unmatched Effectiveness of Skyzone GPS Fleet and resources tracking system

Invest with us today and you will Smile for ever.


News Update
May, 2014
Skyzone Track now integrates Fleet & Fuel management solution with live online CCTV real time Video surveillance.

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