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Why Go Skyzone?

Skyzone provides expert innovative technology solutions and services with much empahsis put on achieving the client's actual investment plan. Ensuring continuous research, product refining and remodeling so that our clients contuously enjoy new more efficient brands hence, leading to lasting satisfaction with guaranteed expected returns on Ivestment (ROI)

High level Accuracy, integrity, Commitment, consistency and professionalism are key in all our actions when executing any project assignment. We believe that our committed actions must generate for our clients exact desired benefits for their investments other than trigering any kind of regrets or loses, whatsoever. Our services and products are customisable to meet exact client needs. Name it and we shall successfully help you out.

Skyzone partners and works with many tested Experts, Professionals and friends world wide to bring you the best latest from all corners of the world, especially in the business areas that we undertake.

Our integrated Engineering and Scientific solutions are designed to effeciently and effectively solve many problems affecting productivity, Environment, social Safety & security.

Why Skyzone's GPS/ GIS Technonology solutions are Indispensable for any Organization, Business or Governmenment?
The Global Positioning System (GPS) is common powerful tool used by several mordern organizations and governments around the world to manage several remote Valuable resources and stremeling social Planning, resource distribution and security.

This is a wireless system which is employed by many organizations, governments and Businesses for the effective management of their Businesses, Natural Resources, Verious Assets, fleets,Terrain Installations, Field personnel and many other resources including Research, Disaster management and social sector Planning and efficient resouce allocation.
It enhances productivity, transparency and overal accuracy leading to improvement in the effective planning and operational efficiency which is one of the basic reasons for its worldwide usage and increasing Relevance.

Skyzone has taken GPS Technology beyond the Expert level of Remote Fleet and Fuel management, but also to use it to help many Governments manage Environmental resources and Disasters, Marine, Aviation, Tourism & Wildlife, Special Installations and Terrain Machinery, governance, Environment & Social sector Planning,e.g. Demographic surveys vs resource distribution, Boundary and Land demarcation plus general GIS works, among many others.

GPS Technology integrated with ICT and other relevant Engineering solutions can make any one effectivel and effeiciently sovlve any associated bottle neck any where any time of convinience hence, cuting down any complicated risks and associated costs . Skyzone is a Africa's nomber one Expert and Champion of this GPS integrated technology solutions that we trust will always leave our clients with total satisfaction and peace of mind. We strongly believe that our clients can not prosper unless associated technology bottle necks are effectively and efficiently fixed.
GPS Remote Management System
The Automatic Web-based Reports and Alerts provided by Skyzone GPS Remote Resource Management system (RRMS) are customized according to the user defined parameters. The system also provides assistance in determination of direction and routing providing the managers with constant updates of the tracked or monitored resource at any time and anywhere of his/her convinience.

Previous data and resource history is saved on the hard drive from which may be retrieved at any time and the system also provides automated email and sms delivery reports and Alerts

Factors Which Enhance The Viability Of Skyzone GPS monitoring system

  • It leads to an increase in operator/driver capability
  • Provides dispatch information on a real time basis
  • Leads to reduction in fuel expenses
  • Faster Delivery due to shorter response time
  • Reduction in the potential of vehicle misuse
  • Accurate planning and resource alocation.
  • Improved effeciency in overal operation

Why Skyzone GPS Tracking is significant and crucial
Demand is always the sole driving force behind technology and demand is created through competition and the need for legislation. These are the reasons for increasing focus on driver and single worker tracking. Fleet managers have realized the significance of enhancing the return from valuable assets. Efficiency in fleet operations is an expense that no company can afford to ignore.

The fleet tracking system saves money through –

  • Accurate employee working hours – Weekly timesheets are more accurate and allow the effective planning and control of overtime costs.
  • Precise invoicing and resolution of disputes – Accurate proof of visits prevents overcharging and lesser disputes translate into long term client retention.
  • Controlling vehicle usage – The locations visited and non working hours based vehicle usage is determined together with an accurate gauge of unauthorized stops.
  • Efficient theft management.
  • Effective fleet management – Round the clock monitoring of the entire fleet ensures optimal utilization and accrual of major benefits.
  • Route management and control – The routes can be predetermined and compared for efficiency
  • Reduction in fuel and servicing costs
  • Reduction in communication expenses – The need to instantly call the drivers is dispensed with since you can watch their progress in realtime.

Just a tip of What we can manage with our GPS/GPRS solutions;

  • Mobile  and stationary assets –powered or none powered
  • Cargo in transit and at yard including at remote multiple sites globally
  • Fuel for Telecoms, all types of Vehicles/ Tankers/automobiles, storage tanks/depots, Fuel stations, gas and oil refineries,  Water supply systems, e.t.c.
  • GPS/GPRS—CCTV  & Biometric  fuel pump access control system integration for managing multiple scattered fuel stations live online at one  Management point.
  • Shell card integration with  GPS remote Fuel management soln
  • Garmin /Navigation GPS  for  Terrain vehicles, motorcycles, field personnel + integration with GPRS FMS system  for the case of  mobile assets e.g. vehicles, motorcycles, e.t.c..
  • Supply and management of  both heavy duty and Hand held GPS terminals for field personnel , Mapping, Surveying, terrain navigation, Marine navigation, Aviation, e.t.c
  • Mapping and Geo-fencing of POI (Points of interest)  for easy field personnel/Drivers and Asset  monitoring and management
  • GIS works for site mapping, utility mapping,
  • Terrain Plants, IT installations , Power + Generator remote  control & management via GPRS, e.g. switch OFF/ON , Re-boot,  by sms, system testing and general man’gt
  • Remote Temperature monitoring for cold rooms, perishable goods, e.t.c, e.t.c.
  • Automatic Remote Monitoring of Oil Pipeline, Depots, Processing Plants and Transit Tankers to avoid Leakage & Theft Disasters

Monitor your Oil Pipeline, Depot, Processing Plant or Transit Tankers 24/7 with our Advanced Integrated GPS Solutions

What our  GPS Remote Monitoring system will accurately give you

  • Route history and Points of Interest (POI)Visits/Exit reports
  • Fuel theft detailed reports with fuel charts/graphs and location map detailing place of  activity
  • Refueling  detailed reports with charts/graphs and  Location maps showing place of activity
  • Fuel usage/consumption reports with route  and trip details clearly marked on maps
  • Trip details including accurate mileage with charts
  •  Over speeding,  parking, stop reports with  live map showing location detail add charts
  • hash/ unauthorized driving with  location  detail complete with Map
  • System tampering/system disconnection time  detail and location + Alerts
  •  Un authorized places (no-go-zones)/ Points of Interest ---POI
  • Live CCTV  surveillance videos with history detailed reports and play back in case of CCTV surveillance integration with FMS system
  • Customer tailored reports and  Map details—e.g,  site details/POIs
  • Early starting/late parking, Insurance /service time expiry repots
  • Automatic system generated daily/weekly/monthly tailored/customizable  E-mail reports
  • E-mail , SMS, POP-Up  Alerts----
  • Online temperature real time monitoring for perishable goods and cold rooms,
  • Oil level, spares/inventory and vehicle maintenance cost  auto-computation,
  •  Driver management  identification  system details and vehicle immobilizing in case of theft or so,
  • And  many  many others  as you wish

Driver quality control
With fuel monitoring graph, management teams can easily view the fuel consumption when, where and why, so as to detect violations of technology, such as Tampering and thefts. Fuel tracking provides exact information about real fuel consumption and prevents fuel draining, fuel fraud and fuel over consumption.

Using advanced Telemetric Technologies that deliver best results to our client.
Do not just wait for your goods, keep your eye close on them Live online when on transit from source to destination or storage. We use Stand alone long Life Battery GPS tracking Devices to achieve this for our Clients.
The whole Cargo container will be software protected for any kind of vandalism or over speeding by Driver that may lead to overturning of Truck hence damaging your goods/Cargo. We can also make shifting of any cargo items completely tracked live on line making it difficult for theft to occur. Sky-zone has gone  ahead to integrate CCTV Live online video monitoring with GPS tracking to enable our Clients have a live feel, realities and massive benefits of the technology and helping them accurately manage the investments and staff/crew.

News Update
May, 2014
Skyzone Track now integrates Fleet & Fuel management solution with live online CCTV real time Video surveillance.

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