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Welcome to Skyzone Africa Group

Business Opportunity

Thank you for expressing your interest to become a business partner, Sales Representative or Distributor for Skyzone?
Our wide integrated Technology solutions and services are taking over the world and present a lucrative business opportunity. We invite you to explore these opportunities with us.

Why Skyzone ?
- Low Investment, high returns: Take achoice of any of our services and products and get instant quick returns in your business.
- Accurate Result Oriented service delivery:
We so much pay attention and emphasis into quality and accuaracy of results that cope with the clients investment expectations. No compromise on quality of service is accepted, whatsoever.
- Complete support from Skyzone Teams:
Become a business partner and gain continuous and timely support & technical assistance from our standby teams. We provide professional matainance services and excellent warrantee period that we mutually agree with our clients/customers with the core target to keep them consistently satisfied with our services.

- Offering a variety of products, services and real solutions:
Skyzone is a very innovative and dynamic research and business company that offers a wide variety of technology services and solutions which are tailored as per client requirement.
About Skyzone?
- Africas Latest Technology leading research and business company with a wide expert experience in the fields we undertake.
     - Pioneer in offering a wide variety of business , skills training and job oppotunities to many African developing Communities and professionals .
     - offers only professional technology services and solutions.
     - Very ambitious and focussed company in the area of technology research and Innovations

If you're Interested in exploring this business opportunities, Fill the Application Form and submit to us. Our Business Manager will contact you soon;

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News Update

July, 2015

Skyzone now monitors all Utilities ( Power, Water & Gas Metering , billing , Faults & Fraud) online and integrates Fuel & Fleet Management' with CCTV surveillance Application for live remote site activity video monitoring

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