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Test the power of Satellite Communication & Integrated Science & Engineering in managing all your Ground and Space Resources.

''Making the Universe as small as your home office ''

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Product Range: ---- GPS/GIS Services, Production ICT, Energy, Environment & Hydrology, Research & Cosultancy---
Skyzone provides you with well tailored and accurate GPS , ICT and Energy solutions and Services that stand the hard test of time . Putting Emphasis in Critical Accuracy that brings total desired results and satisfaction to any of our Clients & Business partners

GPS Integrated Management Services


Advanced Petroleum Management (All Oil & Gas Fuels )

Web-based monitoring and management of Fuel filling, Transit, dispensing, consumption rates, Fraud and Theft live in real time world wide. Giving you the best filtered, detailed and customized Reports most useful for quick and accurate decision making. Just login to http://www.skyzongroup.com/login or http://tracking.skyzongroup.com or http://mobile.skyzongroup.com
and get everything live online with all expected accurate detail.

    Major Areas of Expertise in our advanced GPS Fuel Management.

    • Fuel in Transit (Fuel Tankers,Trains & Mobile Delivery vehicles)
    • Cargo Trucks, Business/ industrial vehicles ,Buses, Road & Rail public transport,
    • Generators, Industrial Machinery and all Terrain Plants
    • Construction Machinery, heavy duty plants & Fuel Powered Equpments
    • Taxis & all types and models of Vehicles--business or personal.
    • Boats, Ferries, Ships, e.t.c.
    • Telecom site Fuel Genaral Management--Deliveries & GPS monitoring
    • Fuel stations & Deport Fuel Integrated system management
    • Fuel for all types, sizes and Locations of Storage Tanks --(Overhead or Underground)
    • General Management and monitoring of Fuel related Human and Environmental hazards and disasters
    • Shell/Total card fuel integration with Fleet fuel management system.
    • Management of Oil/Fuel generation Plants and pipelines

      What Live Reports do you get with our Advanced Fuel management system?
       Time zone & Range of your choice you need to get report for
       Fuel in Tank Before Re-filling
       Fuel Volume Added
       Total Fuel after Re-Filling
       Fuel before Theft/dispensing activity
       Total Volume of Fuel Stolen/dispensed
       Fuel after theft/dispensing activity
       Location of Fuel theft/ Re-filling/dispensing event
       Driver/Asset operator name, photo & Bio-details
       Time of Theft/dispensing or Tank re-filling
       Number of thefts/Re-filling events & locations
       Route history trace, Points of Interest (POI)or No-Go-Zone Visits/Exit Reports with live & detailed satellite Maps and charts
       Asset Parking/Stop time and duration
       E-mail and SMS Fuel theft and Re-filling Alerts & daily, weekly and monthly Automaic E-mail Reports scheduling
       Fuel leakage Alarms
       Engine actual Fuel consumption monitoring
       Accurate Mileage for mobile Assets and Engine Hours for the case of Machinery------------------------ Read More--------------

    Advanced Oil & Gas Infrastructure Management
    Pipe Bursting, Community Fuel Theft and Fire outbreak Management
    Helping you Monitor and Manage your Oil and Gas investments in real time to avoid loss of Business, Human life and
    Environmental disasters. Taking Contractual Works in;
     Oil and Gas pipeline Tamper Surveillance and General maintenance Works
     Oil and Depots, Processing and dispensing Plants Monitoring and management
     Oil and Gas Environmental Hazards and disaster monitoring and Impact Assessment
     Pipeline Crew management and Training
     Oil and Gas Fire outbreak and Accident monitoring and management works -More-

    Advanced Fleet Management & Consultancy Services

  • GPS Vehicle timely location & general Management
  • GPS Vehicle Fuel theft Monitoring and management
  • Speed , Bad Driving and Area/Road restriction management
  • Automatic Driver Identification and management
  • Public Transport Management
  • Tansport Business Proposal Development
  • Theft and Fraud Detection & Timely Management
  • Advanced GPS integrated Fleet Security.
  • Fleet Crew & Cargo management
  • Marine & Aviation Fleet, Fuel and crew management
  • Automatic Insurance and service time management
  • Automatic Asset hire reminders and management
  • Automatic Remote Weight/Vehicle Loading/offloading real time Tracking
  • Heavy Duty Trucks and machinery Tire Pressure real time monitoring
  • Fleet related Consultancy services
  • Asset Access and Usage Policy Development & Staff compliance Training
  • Transport Business Performance Analysis and System dev't.
  • Driver recruitment, Ethical Training or supply for Org'ns
  • Contractual Drivers Or Field Staff Management
  • Asset and Operators safety Training
  • Inventory Management Training and Policy developmet.

Advanced Theft & Fraud Management for Motorcycles and Small Automobiles
Motorcycles, Boats, Small vehicles, equipments and Machinery GPS integrated Theft , Fraud & Misuse Mg't Helping Gov't Authorities, Cycles/Car Dealers, City/Traffic authorities, Loan officers, Businesses, Organizations, Institutions & individuals eliminate loop holes that accelerate Fraud, Asset loses, Misuse or Traffic disorder.
 Total Theft Control, Hire and Field operations management for NGOs, government, Business and Institutional Motorcycles
 Urban Motorcycles street Parking and Traffic management.
 Fishing Boats & Landing sites GPS integrated management

3. Advanced Remote Temperature management

  • Perishable goods & Items in Transit ,e.g, Fruits, Flowers, Fish, Meat, Milk, Cold Rooms, e.t.c
  • ICT & Telecom indoor precision Equipments
  • Medical and Agric Research centers/Labs --More--

4. Advanced Remote Cargo GPS Management

  • Cargo in Transit
  • Cargo at site/Ware house
  • Cargo at port E.t.c ---More

5. Public Transport Management

  • Automatic Ticketing and Fare Collection system for Buses & Trains
  • Bus & Taxy Tracking and over speeding Automatic management
  • Public Transport remote security surveillence and management
  • Routes and Stops/Parking stages GPS/GIS Geo-Mapping --More-

Advanced Remote Marine Fleet & Resources Management

Spot your Marine Resources anytime anywhere in real time at maximum convenience using our simple, easy integrated technology solutions. Your Boat can sink or just be mismanaged but you can’t tell what and where and marine resources can be misused yet you have no way of controlling or managing that in real time. Leave Terrorist activity at your remote Marine Vessel which can prove more difficult to detect and manage in real time incidents as they happen. Sometime you can miss the right route and end up wasting Fuel or at worst knowing under water route obsacles that may cause your precious Value to sink yet difficult to locate and recover in good time.
 Route Mapping and Navigation GPS advanced integrated solutions
 Remote Marine Fuel management
 Remote Crew security Surveillance and general integrated GPS management solns
 Marine Vessels & Small Boats General GPS Tracking solutions
 Vessel/Boat total Theft management and Remote Immobilizer solutions
 Pilot Identification and Remote management solutions
 Marine CCTV Surveillance solutions for Route Obstacle detection,
 Fishing Landing site management solutions
 GPS fish Finders & Marine GPS/GPRS integrated Research solutions
 No- Go Zone marine vessel detection and management solutions
 Marine GIS mapping works
 GPS Transmitters for Aquatic and Wild life Research
Skyzone offers integrated GPS special packages for Researchers, Fishermen, fisheries Officers, tourists, and various planners,
including using the state of the art CCTV underwater surveillance cameras for live remote video visibility of underwater route obstacles and other water resources.

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Consultancy +-- more--

Advanced GIS/GPS Telematics for Governance & NGO Management
Advanced GPS Solutions and Services for Governance & NGO Management
 Real time Crime & Fraud detection and Surveillance solutions
 Terrain Navigation solutions for Tourists and Field Personnel Operatives
 Operational Fleet & Fuel management - Special Government Package
 Terrain installations GPS integrated monitoring and management solutions
 Urban traffic management & Police enhanced management solutions
 Fisheries and Landing sites GPS integrated advanced management solutions
 Wild life Tracking
 GPS integrated Research services

Building and Maintaining Efficient Telecom Networks

  1. Telecom BTS site Engineering Works - ( Passive and Active Systems Engineering and management services) --MORE
  2. Voice and Data structured Networking --Building/ maintenance of LAN/WAN Nettwork systems
  3. System Integration Works


Designing, Building amd Maintainance of ICT Labs and systems, Advanced Software Development, Structured Networking (LAN/WAN Networking), Office Intercoms, e.t.c ----More ------

Industrial Security & Safety Engineering

CCTV Surveillance, Access Controls/Time & Attendence Systems, Fixed Assets Management/Barcording Tech works + all Biometric Security Systems, RFIDs , GPS/GSM Vehicle & Home security Alarms & systems, e,t.c.

  • CCTV Security Surveillance for all premises, Industirial, Street, Terrain Installations, Wildlife & Public security--IP/Analog CCTV Cameras --PTZ, Dome, Bullet types & Spy cameras, et.c.
  • Marine Under water and Overhead CCTV Surveillence for Boats, Feries, Research, Aquariums,,,
  • Biometric Access Control and Time & Attendence Systems
  • Alarm Systems --Analog/Digital GPS/GSM Network Alarm systems/Sirens
  • CCTV Cameras/Biometric Store-(supplies/sales) Plus Remote access connectivity-
  • Biometric RFIDS systems /Digital Human Registartion and Indentifier Systems
  • Barcoding Technology and Fixed Asset Managemnt consulting Engineers & Contractors More

Smart Energy/Utilities Services & Solutions

  • Advanced Web-Energy/Utilities Management Solutions
    Web–based Power, Water, Gas & Terrain Plants management solution covering; Metering, Billing, Fraud & Fault monitoring, ON/OFF Remote site power & Comm. systems Control and general management solutions,
    HV & LV Web-based power metering, monitoring and total management.
     Read your Utilities meters online , bill & pay online
     Monitor consumption rates , line Voltage and current level, power factor, faults and errors in real time
     Controlling your water and Gas usage and bills live online in real time
     Line Voltage, Current, Power factor and overall consumption demand, live online monitoring and Mg’t.
     Helping everyone manage Business or domestic Utilities in real time worldwide. Manage your daily or monthly utility expenditures no matter whether you’re at site or in any remote location.

Green Energy & Water for Rural Africa

  • Design & Implimentation of Solar/Wind Energy/Hydro Power- Rural Electrification Projects
  • Solar water harvesting and Pumping systems for Farms, Institutions, Industrial & Domestic use.
  • Solar water heating/cooling system design and implimentation works --MORE
  • Urban Streets, Industrial, Rural Solar Lighting Project works
  • Rural Hydro electrification contract works----LV/HV Over head line works
  • e.t.c.

Electrical Engineering Works (Power-Max)
(Electrical and Green Energy Projects for East and Sub-Saharan Africa)

  • Electrical Installations and maintenance works - Domestic and Industrial Power
  • including Designing of power Loads for Lighting, Heating & industrial use
  • Overhead line works - LV/HV works-- Rural Electrification projects
  • Power Line Bush Clearing, surveys/GIS works
  • Electrical Installtion & maintence works (LV/HV)
  • Rural Electrification projects works
  • Industrial Lighting and & power Harzards Monitoring & management Engineering works
  • UPS Power Back up systems
  • Power Consumption and Fault monitoring systems
  • HV Solar projects

HR Dev't

Skilling Projects
In today’s world, having Practical hands-on skills is the only way one can guarantee survival and job
competition. Many graduates today are in dire need of these skills to help them manage life or have better
opportunity to find jobs which are increasingly becoming more competitive and scarce. Skyzone Africa
Group Offers first level internship and hands on practical skills training opportunities in various
Technology, Entrepreneurship and Business management fields to all communities who wish to perfect
themselves for better earning; Equipping communities with better skills to produce more, Manage better,
earn more and inspiring all communities to achieve their dreams. In our policy of ''Doing business by giving back to Communities'', Skyzone with Globe Farm will continue to work closely with all African Development partners like NGOS and Governments to provide quick practical skills and inspiration they need to enhance production especially those disadvantaged communities in the country side.
Training and mentoring of technical & Field operations Staff for Telecoms, Construction & various Indusitrial projects

  • Hands-On practical skills training for graduates, Students and various professionals with Sky-Labs.
     Mobile and onsite ICT skills for Farmers, Teachers, Professionals, Students, pupils, Business community and various Trainers- with extra focus put on Rural education centers & communities to enhance modern sustainable development and overall African poverty eradication drive.
     Water harvesting, treatment, management and simple Irrigation skilling for farmers and various communities

Research & Dev't Projects
Innovating for Sustainable Economic Growth & Social Safety.
 Technology Research & Innovations
 NGOs,Gov't ,Buisiness Firms Project Dev’t and market Research services
 Partnership with Researchers & Innovators
 GIS integrated Data surveys, Analysis & Reporting
 GIS integrated Social Research

Contractual Research with Organisations & individual

Environment & GIS Projects
Environmental Engineering, Pollution Monitoring, Control and Impact Assessment Covering;
(Water, Sewers & Environmental Surveying, Instrumentation, Assessment, Analysis & EngineeringServices and Solutions)
 Wetlands, Forest land, and Natural Resources GIS Mapping & Data digitalization works
 Environmental Impact Assessment, Pollution monitoring and Reporting
 Automatic Sewer level monitoring and Network (GPS/GPRS/GSM/) Reporting systems.
 Site Assessment and GIS surveys for Telecoms, Construction & Industrial developments
 Land Surveying & Information digitalization
 Ground/Rural Water surveys & Engineering works.
 Rural & Urban Water supply Engineering works and Consultancy
 Network Weather stations/Meteorological Centers Engineering services
 Early Warning Systems(EWS) for Environmental Disasters (Floods, Land/mudslides, Town sewers )
 Dev't of GIS software applications for social planners and Business communities.
 Geo-Physical surveying (Utilities scan works)

Sky-Navy & Geo-System Stores
Get Best GPS/Geo-System that accurately meets your GIS Plan
From Geo-Mapping to Navigation, Sports, Health Analysis, Marine & Wild life Tracking, Fish Finders and Research

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News Update
May, 2014
Skyzone Track now integrates Remote Fuel monitoring Sensors with GPS CCTV cameras for Live remote Site activity video monitoring.

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