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Research & Dev't Projects

Research, Project Dev't, Monitoring & Evaluation (Research Consultancy & Partnership Projects)

Heavily GIS Integrated Research & Dev't

  • Telecom & Internet Coverage and consumption research & Analisys
  • Telecoms/ ICT projects - Data Surveys & Analysis Projects
  • Development of Data Collection, Data Entry and Analysis Templates and Project palanning tools
  • Water, Sanitation & Community Health Research and Training - Ngo/Gov't Component
  • Education, Agriculture & Community livelihoods Research
  • Project Data Surveys, Analysis and Report writing
  • Project Evaluation & Capacity Development for NGOs, Governments, Companies, Institutions,,,
  • Project Development consultancy for Companies, NGOS, Gov’ts,
  • Rural water & Sanitation Project develoment consultancy
  • GIS integrated Data surveys, Analysis & Reporting
  • GIS integrated Social Research & Planning
  • GIS integrated Project Planning, Management, M & E
  • Project development for Organisations , Gov't, e.t.c.
  • Project Monitoring & Evaluation contracts
  • Development of GIS integrated Project and social Planning tools & software Apps
  • Technology Research & Innovation

Industrial Data Surveys, Performance Analysis & Project Dev't Consultancy.

  • For Rural and Urban Enterprise Development, Growth Analysis, Strategic Planning & Risk mitigation.

ICT for Business, Training, Social Planning & Community Dev't

  • Business system Analysis and Automation works
  • IT Labs/Infrastucture Design, Engineering, Security set up and management consultancy for Companies, Education, Health, NGOs, Governments & Agencies.
  • Contractual Mobile ICT Literacy Skilling for Rural communtities, Education, Health, Farmers, and all different categories of IT skills needy communities
  • Rural information centers design, implimentation & advisory services
  • IT Security & system Integration works for organisations & research
  • ATM Banking /E-finance System design/implimentation & Manteinance works
  • Advanced Software Apps development & Deployment
  • Automatic Network (GPS/GSM/GPRS) Weather Stations design, implimetation, management and advisory services


  • Development, Line Survey & Design of rural Electrification projects
  • Desighn & Implimentation of Solar Power projects for rural Electrification & Agro- processing.
  • Renewable Energy projects for water Harvesing and Lighting for Rural Africa
  • Geo-physical surveying & Data Digitalisation of Utilities (Water and Power lines & systems)
  • DC Power works for Telecoms, Banks and the alike.
  • Remote Automatic power/utility monitoring and management system design and implimentation
  • Solar power for Street lighting- design & implimentation
  • Power Backup System design and Implimentation
  • Power usage and consumption management and advisory services

GPS Integrated Planning & Mg't

Fixed Assets, Fleet, Fuel, Industrial & Field Resources Mg't Consult

  • Advanced GPS integrated Fleet and Fuel Management consultancy covering Heavy dutey Assets, Marine Vessels and Infrastructure, Fuel stations, Fuel & Gas Depots, Pipelines, Overhead and Underground Fuel and Gas Tanks, Fuel/Oil & Gas Transit Tankers, Heavy Terrain Plants and Construction Machinery, Telecoms, Industries Plants & Special Installations, e.t.c.
  • Professional Work Ethics, Principles and Integrity development and management training of Technicians & field operational staff for Telecoms, Industries and Engineering/contruction projects.
  • Consultacy for the Procurement of GPS integrated Fleet and Fuel Management Contractor for NGOs, Companies and Government Agencies.
  • GIS Integrated Urban Traffic control & Management
  • Driver recruitment, Ethical Training & supply for Org'ns & Companies
  • Contractual Field Staff/Drivers/Industrial personnel Management
  • Asset Access and Usage Policy Development & Staff compliance Training
  • Asset and Operators safety Training
  • Inventory Management Training and Policy developmet.
  • Public Transport Management
  • Transport Business Proposal Development
  • Theft and Fraud Detection & Timely Management
  • Advanced GPS integrated Fleet Security.
  • Transport Business Performance Analysis and System dev't.
  • Fleet Crew & Cargo management
  • Marine & Aviation Fleet, Fuel and crew management
  • GPS Supplies & Technical advisory services
  • Industrial Project processes and Policy dev't , Capacity building, M & E
  • Barcording Technology and Fixed Asset Management

GIS, Environment & Hydrology

  • Land surveying and Evaluation contract works
  • Wetlands and Natural Resources mapping & information digitalisation consult
  • Oil & Gas Environmental & Pipeline surveillence/management
  • Environmental Surveys, Monitoring and Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Research & Protection consultancy
  • Geo-physical surveying & Data Digitalisation (Utility scan services
  • Design & implimentation of Automatic Disaster Early Warning Systems (EWS)- Sewers, Floods & Land/Mud slides
  • Water & Sanitation Data surveys and digitalisation services
  • Telecom/Industrial Site surveys and Impact Assessment
  • GIS Software design & development for Business, governance and socio-econmic palnning & Management.
  • GIS integrated Data surveys, Analysis & Reporting
  • GIS integrated Research & Social Planning for governments and NGOs
  • GIS integrated Project Planning, Management, M & E
  • Rural Water development projects Engineering consultancy
  • Hydrological surveys and project dev't (Ground water siting)

Agriculture (with Globe Farm Ltd, a member of the Skyzone Group )

  • Solar Water Technology for Agro-production
  • Agro data Surveys , Analysis & Report writing.
  • Farmer Rain water harvesting, Irrigation and ICT skills Training
  • Provision of Agro-technical Information to Farmers and others
  • Agro E-marketing
  • Agro data/ information sales
  • Auto - Farm Water Supply & management systems -design & implimentation
  • Digital Agriculture APP dev't & Training
  • Design and implimentation of agro meterological centers/stations
  • Agro-Research partnership


News Update
May, 2015
Skyzone now monitors all Utilities ( Power, Water & Gas Metering , billing , Faults & Fraud) online and integrates Fuel & Fleet Management' with CCTV surveillance Application for live remote site activity video monitoring



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