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Keep in touch with your Value any time anywhere world wide

''Our GPS solutions Make the Universe as small as your Cell phone''

Managing Ground, Marine & Space Resources world wide.


Trace & manage your Fleet worldwide with Skyzone

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Product Range ---(GPS/GIS Advanced Remote Resources Management System (RRMS) )---









Helping you locate & Manage your Value Worldwide in real time

  • GPS Vehicle timely location & general Management
  • GPS Vehicle Fuel theft Monitoring and management
  • Speed , Bad Driving and Area/Road restriction management
  • Automatic Driver Identification and management
  • Driver recruitment, Ethical Training or supply for Org'ns
  • Contractual Drivers Or Field Staff Management
  • Asset Access and Usage Policy Development & Staff compliance Training
  • Asset and Operators safety Training
  • Inventory Management Training and Policy developmet.
  • Public Transport Management
  • Tansport Business Proposal Development
  • Theft and Fraud Detection & Timely Management
  • Advanced GPS integrated Fleet Security.
  • Transport Business Performance Analysis and System dev't.
  • Fleet Crew & Cargo management
  • Marine & Aviation Fleet, Fuel and crew management
  • Automatic Insurance and service time management
  • Automatic Asset hire reminders and management
  • Automativ Remote Weight/Vehicle Loading/offloading real time Tracking
  • Heavy Duty Trucks and machinery Tire Pressure real time monitoring

Land , Marine & Space Resources, all live on Internet with Skyzone advanced GPS Management system

Fleet Vehicles, Motorcycles,Boats/Marine Vessels, Fluel, Field personnel, Construction Machinery, Generators/ Terrain Plants & Installations, Farm Animals/Wild life, Natural Resources, Assets, e.t.c.

The Global positioning system or Satellite (GPS) is a very powerful tool for managing any Land, Marine and space resources and with integration with Internet Communication/ GPRS/GSM Functionality , everything can be achieved Remotely in real time any time any where with detailed analytical trace maps, reports, real time alerts that are very useful for accurate planning and decision making. GPS technology is a very useful tool for accurate governance, Social Planning and resource allocation.


  • Bus owners
  • Cargo Transporters
  • NGO for Field Staff & Fleet
  • Government & Agencies
  • Police and security Agencies
  • Home & Personal Fleet & Assets
  • Universities
  • Researchers
  • City & Town Authorities' Fleet
  • Business operaional fleet
  • Motorcycle & Small Boat Owners
  • Marine vessels
  • Construction fleet & Machinery
  • Tour Companies
  • Aviation companies
  • Car Hire Companies
  • Schools/Training Institions
  • Religious Institutional Fleet
  • Transporters, Users and Vendors of Perishable Goods & verious Items
  • Banks & All Financial Institutions
  • Marine & Aviation Fleet
  • Telecoms
  • Hotel Fleet
  • Medical Institutions/ Hospitals
  • Insurance Companies
  • Oil & Gas Companies
  • Generators, Machinery & Terrain Plants
  • Boats and Marine Vessels owners
  • Industrial/Factory Fleet
  • Farms & Fresh Goods Transporters
  • Taxi Operaters
  • Public Transport Fleet/Trains
  • Recreational Fleet
  • Wild life Trackers & Game Park Managers
  • Domestic Animals & Pets
  • Field Staff Management Consultancy
  • Real Estate Business companies
  • & Many others

GPS/GIS - based Assets & Resources Management Services. Track & Manage your World with our Advanced GPS integrated Engineering solutions. Managing for you all your Mobile/Stationary Assets and Terrain Installations/Plants, Marine vessels, Drivers/operators, Fleet Inventories, Field Personnel, Fuel, Wild life & Domestic Animals & Pets, e..t.c, including CCTV Surveillence Integration for Live online video monitoring of real time site events.

Sample Trace

Our very Innovative GPS solutions and tested Experience and Expertise will shurt down all your risks and losses at once and replace with everlasting profit-based smiles and peace of mind as along as we're in business with you. Surmerising everything on very clear web-based satellite maps and leting you view live and get right detailed information any where anytime and in real time on your internet connected mobile Phone or Computer with all accurate customisable and printable Reports, automatic SMS and E-mail Alerts/reports, that accurately suit your interest or business needs and model.

your public transport fleet, all made easy to manage

Trace and manage your Value worldwide with us

Making your life easy and Excell in performance , enjoying alot;

  • Real time accurate Asset Location
  • Accurate mileage/Engine Hours
  • Accurate Fuel filling and theft reports & SMS /Pop Up Alerts
  • Accurate & customised Automatic SMS Alerts and daily E-mail reports
  • Accurate route maping and history play back
  • Real time/automatic Speed control/Alerts and Reports
  • Easy & Automatic Route & Traffic management
  • Hash Braking & Bad driving Alerts
  • Atomatic Speed Control & Alerts
  • Online/web-based live video surveillence of real onsite activity integrated with GPS system
  • Points of Interest/No-Go-Zones and Geo-Fence visit/exit accurate reports and real time alerts,
  • Automatic Driver/operator Identification and management System
  • Late Starting & Late Parking Alerts & Violation Reports
  • Parking & Stop Time SMS alerts & Reports
  • Automatic Field Staff Tracking & Management
  • Fuel Dispensing , Drainage and Theft Alerts
  • Loading/offloading real time Detection/reports
  • Garmin GPS Route Navitor for terrain Vehicles/Motocysles and Hand held for Field personnel including Integration with FMS system for back office free hand ttext and voice communication
  • Online Fuel & Spare Parts log book
  • Automatic Inventory Management
  • Violation Alerts
  • Battery & Fuel level alerts & Reports
  • Automatic Accident Control/Location
  • Vehicle Immobilizer function in case of theft or mismanagenet
  • Automatic Car Hire time agreement management , reports, warning Alerts
  • Insurance & Vehicle Service Time Alerts & Reports


  • Asset & Inventory Acess & Usage Policy Development & Staff Compliance Training
  • Drivers & field Technicians Recruiment & Ethics & integrity Training
  • GPS integrated Field Staff Management Consultacy

Our complete Fleet Management system (FMS) Package includes helping Companies/Organisations in monitoring, managing, Training, or Recruiting of profesional and ethically sound Drivers/Operators-Field personnel and developing of Assets & Inventory Access, Usage and Maintenance Policy or simply called '' Assets and Inventory Management Policy (AIMP).

  • GPS tracking and Management solutions can help improve your bottom line and make you realize the actual targeted profits and realistic peace of mind
  • Skyzone offers all-in-one GPS fleet tracking and integrated Remote Resource management solutions that have helped many businesses and organizations improve their operations and performance.
  • We can help companies and organizations cut down their operational costs by delivering real integrated solutions that survive the test of time such as Web based Remote Fuel management, Remote management of various Resources such as, all types of vehicles, Drivers/Field personnel, Public transport terminals, Marine Vessels and Crew, Cargo, Assets and Terrain Installations, Utilities, Wild life , Fuel Stations, various Points of Interest (POIs), etc.
  • And with integration of CCTV live online video Surveillance we give our clients total peace and comfort.
  • We can also help you develop your Assets & inventory Access, usage and management Policy and train your staff accordingly based on your business convenience
  • Driver management and or recruitment, all made easy for us.

= Learn How GPS Tracking Can Improve Your Bottom Line =

Chech out our Product page for more details of our comprehensive GPS services and Please contact us for more explannation, details and Action

check out Common Issues faced by Fleet Owners And Commonly asked Questions that we perfectly answer in our GPS technology solutions

Field Personnel &KidsManagement GPS

  • Switch Off and Recover your Asset my just and phone text message in case of Theft and bad usage
  • Driver Identification System , allowing you know who is operating your Asset any time any where
  • Unique Electronic Vehicle key issued to each driver to help you know details of each dricver while you're at your place of convinience any time
News Update
May, 2014
Skyzone Track now integrates Fuel Sensor with the application.

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