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Problems Faced

The common industry generic issues solved by Skyzone GPS Fleet Management System include:

  • Inefficiency in dispatching and general production time management
  • use of excessive fuel due to poor rout planning, Rampant Fuel thefts, unmanaged vehicle Idling , False Re-filling volumes, e.t.c
  • High maintenance costs due to bad driving, overspeeding, unauthorised vehicle/asset usage
  • Missed deliveries and Pick-ups due to unmanaged delays, unauthorised route diversions
  • Inaccuracy in the determination of payroll hours
  • Unsafe and risk prone driving habits
  • Difficulty in timely renewals and management of Asset insurance premiums and maintenence schedules
  • Lack of precision in mileage and fuel records
  • Difficult varification of accurate fuel deliveries and dispensing at Fuel service stations and Deports
  • No other quick sure way of locating and recoverying asset/Vhicle in case of theft
  • Difficulty in assigning responsibility to the Asset user in case of any violations .
  • The risk of all your perishable goods getting damaged by high temperatures due to unconssiusness or unresponsivenes of the driver/asset operator
  • Difficulty in easy and accurate location of your field staff and ascertaining ongoing field activity.
  • overal production time wastage and Asset mismanagement .
  • Un professional or Ethically sound drivers/operators and some fleet managers
  • The risk of delaying or losing your Cargo due to general difficulty in following up events around your Cargo
  • Risk of Marine Vessels getting lost from right route and delaying the journey or Knocking underwater obstacles with the high risk to Sink
  • Difficulty in locating Accident Victims in case of Marine Vessel sinking or getting any fatal accident
  • General difficulty in Locating and efficient management of scattered/Terrain plants or Installations/Investments
  • General difficulty in Navigating the route to the destination in case of new unexplored journeys/places
  • Difficult management and varification of on route terrorism, Accident or disaster activity.
GPS tracking can help improve your bottom line and make you realize the actual targeted profits
Sky-zone offers all-in-one GPS fleet tracking solutions that have helped many businesses improve their operations and performance.
We  can help companies and organizations cut down their operational costs by delivering real solutions that survive the test of time such as Web based Remote Fuel management , various Resources, all types of vehicles, Drivers/Field personnel, Marine, Cargo,  Assets, Utilities Wild life and all GPS tracking solutions for verious Land Marine and Space Resources.
We can also help you develop your Assets & inventory Access, usage and management Policy and train your staff  accordingly based on your business model and convenience.

Driver management and or recruitment, all easy for us.



News Update
May, 2014
Skyzone Track now integrates Fuel Sensor with the application.
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