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Products : Power Engineering Projects & Advanced Remote Energy/Utilities management Solutions

Electrical and Green Energy projects for East and Sub-Saharan Africa

Rural Electrification Projects for Rural Africa

  • Championing Green Energy/power projects for Rural Africa
  • Solar Power Projects for Irrigation & Rural Agro-Value Addition.
  • LV/HV works-- Rural Electrification projects -overhead line works including line Bush Clearing works
  • Installations and maintenance of Terrain and Home/Office Heavy Duty (3-Phase) Power Generators & all heavy duty Electrical Machines.
  • Designing of solar power projects , Installation and Maintenance works,
  • Electrical Installations and maintenance works including Designing of power Loads,
  • Power Line surveys & GIS works
  • Installation of power Transformers (HV/LV) and Remote web-based (GPS/GSM/GPRS) monitoring of Transformer Oil and System performance states.
  • HV DC Power & UPS Systems works.
  • Configuration of External Alarms/RF Works to see/Ascertain other site states online for appropriate action.
  • Automatic power metering systems installation and mainteinance works
  • solar projects for water pumping and general rural electrification
  • Wind and Bio-gas Energy Projects for Rural Africa
  • ACs & UPS systems Installation and Maintenence works

Official Authorised Installers for EKM Metering Power solutions


---Online Remote Utility Metereing -kWh Data Logging, Billing, and line power monitoring.

Electricity, Water & Gas remote Metering and management solutions --Read More--


Rural Electrification Projects -Design,implimentation & Maintenance contract works

News Update
May, 2014
Skyzone Track now integrates Fuel Sensor with the application.


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