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Close your Busines leakages & prosper . Fuel is one of the major one if not Timely well Managed. It also posses a bigger Environmental challenge if transfer and usage is not well managed

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Products: Your Fuel and Oils could be the major source of your failed Business Plan, Or could pose the worst Environmental risks and Disasters if not well managed in real time. Let's help you out with our Tested Advanced GPS integrated management solutions

Managing your Remote Fuel may become real headache if you have no accurate, timely & clear way of ascertaining Transmision, Deliveries, Dispensing & general Consumption volumes. We're Experts in GPS Remote Fuel/Oils and Utilities monitoring & management. We can help you acurately fix all these problems once and for all using our advanced GPS integrated Egineering solutions, even when you need live online site activity live Video surveillence. Contact us for accurate permanent solution for all categories, sizes & locations of Tanks, Mobile & Stationary Assets & multiple or scareterd sites.

Consulting Engineers in Web-Basd Fuel Monitoring and management, with Critical Accuracy

Your Environment your Life, Manage your oils with Skyzone or consult us for the best Oil, Gas and Fuel Management solution to avoid all business, Environmental and human disasters .

Major Areas of Expertise in our advanced GPS Fuel Management.

  • Fuel Transportation Tankers
  • Cargo Trucks, Business/ industrial vehicles ,Buses, Road & Rail Trains,
  • Generators, Industrial Machinery and all Terrain Plants
  • Construction Machinery and heavy duty plants/Trucks
  • Taxis & all types and models of Vehicles--business or personal.
  • Boats, Ferries, Ships, e.t.c.
  • Telecom site Fuel Genaral Management--Deliveries & GPS monitoring
  • Fuel stations & Deport Fuel Integrated system management
  • Fuel for all types, sizes and Locations of Storage Tanks --(Overhead or Underground)
  • General Management and monitoring of Fuel related Human and Environmental hazards and disasters
  • Management of Oil/Fuel generation Plants and pipelines
  • Shell/Total card fuel integration with Fleet fuel management system.


Are you making Massive loses in Fuel Transit, Storage, Dispensing or Usage ? We are ready to fix for you all these bottlenecks at once

Your Remote site Fuel usage can change and spoil all your business budget if not accurately and timely managed. Fuel is the manger controller of your business profits. its important not ignore any single loss of a liter any time. We can help you acurately achieve maximum fuel consumption acuarcy and timely management

Your Remote Genset could be abused. Stop Fuel Record fraud and local siphoning by operators and vandalists

Giving you the best filtered, detailed and customised Reports most usefull for quick and accurate decision making. Just login and get everything live online with all expected detail. Checkout Sample Report

  • Time zone/Range or your report choise
  • Fuel in Tank Before Re-filling
  • Fuel Volume Added
  • Total Fuel after Re-Filling
  • Fuel before Theft/dispensing activity
  • Total Volume of Fuel Stolen/dispensed
  • Fuel after theft/dispensing activity
  • Location of Fuel theft/ Re-filling/dispensing event
  • Driver/Asset operator name, photo & Bio-details
  • Time of Theft/dispecing or Tank re-filling
  • Number of thefts/Re-filling events & locations
  • Location with live and detailed satellite Map
  • Asset Parking/Stop time and duration
  • E-mail and SMS Fuel theft and Re-filling Alerts
  • Fuel leakage Alarms
  • Engine actual consumption monitoring & reports
  • Accurate Mileage for mobile Assets and Engine Hours for the case of Stationary Machinery .


Commiting us to Manage Your Fuels and Integrated Business & Environmnetal Resources, is the best choice you can make today

News Update

July, 2015

Skyzone now monitors all Utilities ( Power, Water & Gas Metering , billing , Faults & Fraud) online and integrates Fuel & Fleet Management' with CCTV surveillance Application for live remote site activity video monitoring

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