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Do You Know?
The Current Position of All
Your Vehicles?
The Areas through Which They Travelled?
Where They Stopped and for How long?

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  • What are your drivers doing during working hours?
  • Are they adhering to the preplanned routes?
  • Are the goods and services being delivered to customers on time?
  • How much time is spent by drivers with the customers?
  • Where did they stop and for what duration?
  • Are the drivers entering unauthorized zones during the period of work?
  • Are they subjecting the company vehicles to misuse?
  • How much fuel and time is wasted due to idling engines?
  • Is time and gas being unduly wasted as they search for the right road?
  • Can the labor and fuel cost be calculated more precisely?
News Update
December, 2014
Skyzone Track now integrates Fuel Sensor with the application.
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