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Skyzone's Advanced Mobile Management solns for Power, Water & Gas; covering : Metering, Billing, Fraud & Fault monitoring, ON/OFF Remote site power & Comm systems Control and general management solutions

Connecting all your Utilities and Remote or Terrain systems to the Internet allowing you take real time control over like; Read, Bill, monitor, analyze & control everything including errors live over the Internet worldwide with all the freedom and peace of mind. Don't wait to be at the site, you can manage everything in real time in your office and worldwide. Skyzone is the first champion of Mobile management technologies for Africa

Official Authourised Africa's Installers for EKM Metering (US) Utility solutions , America's leading Remote Utility monitoring and Metering ;

  • HV & LV Web-based power metering, monitoring and total management.
  • Read your meters online live
  • Know your utility consumption rates live online
  • Monitor line Voltage and current level live in real time
  • Bill or pay your Utilities on line
  • Monitor faults and errors live in real time
  • Controling your water and Gas usage and bills live online in real time
  • Line Voltage, Current, Power factor and overal consumption demand, live online montoring and management.
  • Helping everyone manage Business or domestic Utilities in real time worldwide . Manage your daily or monthly utility expenditures i no matter whether your at site or in any remote location.

Our EKM Metering systems do all what our clients need to manage all their Utilitilies remotely world wide

Revenue Metering: Logging the kWh (or Units of Energy ) data of a user or users, in order to bill them for their Electricity usage. If, for example, you are a Landlord, or Property Manager, and would like to submeter your apartments' utilities, Skyzone with EKM Metering has a number of great solutions for you.

Energy Data Monitoring: Monitoring multiple data points for an electrical load over time, including actual Units of Energy consumed (kWh data), Watts, Volts, Amps, Power Factor, etc. These allows you to assess the efficiency of a your Electrical system, track the performance of your solar PV system, or determine the requred energy capacity to run your loads or time/mileage the Sola or DC machine will run before going off.

Offering metering solutions for homeowners, designed for use with any residential electrical system in the world. Whether you want to submeter a granny unit, monitor individual circuits, audit your utility meter, or divide your utility bill, we have a system for you.

Our Homeowners Metering Package includes everything you will need to meter the electricity consumption of your home and view your meter data online. It also includes software that can be used to log your meter data on your computer, schedule emails, export to CSV, and more.

  • 120V Electrical Metering & Monitoring

  • 120/240V Electrical Metering & Monitoring

  • 3-Phase 3-Wire Electrical Metering & Monitoring

  • 3-Phase 4-Wire Electrical Metering & Monitoring

  • Electricity, Water, and Gas Metering Package - seperate or all- in-one package

All packages are completely customizable and can be tailored to suit your needs.

Helping you read your meters or monitor your Utilities in real time on your Computer or over the Internet wherever you are worldwide.

News Update
May, 2014
Skyzone Track now integrates Fuel Sensor with the application.




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