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Helping You Trace and Manage all categories of your Marine Resources & Research Projects in accurate & real Time world wide

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Skyzone's Advanced GPS Marine Solutions

  • Route Mapping and Navigation GPS advanced integrated solutions
  • Remote Marine Fuel management
  • Remote Crew security Survailance and general integrated GPS management solutions
  • Marine Vessels General GPS Tracking solutions
  • Vessel/Boat total Theft management and Remote Immobiliser solutions
  • Pilot Identification and Remote management solutions
  • Marine CCTV Surveillance solutions for Route Obstacle detection, Crew/passenger management and Security
  • Small Boat Tracking and management solutions
  • Fishing Landing site management solutions
  • GPS fish Finders
  • Marine GPS/GPRS integrated Reasearch solutions
  • No- Go Zone marine vessel detection and management solutions
  • Marine GIS mapping works
  • GPS Transmiters for Aquatic and Wild life Research
  • Lets help you Navigate your Waters accurately with our 3D GPS Marine Navigator

Spot your Marine Resources anytime anywhere in real time at maximum convinience using our simple, easy and affordable GPS integrated technology solutions.

Your Boat can Sink or just be mismanaged but you cant tell what and where that happenes. Fuel and marine resources can be misused yet you have no way of controlling or mamanging that in real time. leave alone the risk of Terrorist activity at you remote Marine Vessel which can prove more difficult to detect and manage in real time before fatal incidents happen. Sometime you can miss the right route and end up wasting Fuel or at worst knowking underwater route obstacles that may cause your precious Value to sink yet deficult to locate and recover in good time.

 Skyzone offers integrated GPS fish finding solutions for Fishermen and fisheries officers, and those needed by Aquatic/ marine Researchers . And using the latest state of the art Stainless underwater CCTV cameras for Boats and Marine research

Don't let your Value to the vast Waters without having a reliable way of tracing and managing it in real time. That might mark the end of your expensive investment. Contact Skyzone for any solution you need

News Update
May, 2014
Skyzone Track now integrates Fuel Sensor with the application.














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