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Helping poor communities and Economies to stand alone through appropriate industrial skiling


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Products: Hands-on Practical Skills Training with SkyLabs

In todays world, having Practical hands-on skills is the only way one can guarrantee survival and job competition. Many graduates today are in dire need of these skills to help them manage life or have better opportunity to find jobs which are increasingly becoming more competitive and scarce. Skyzone Africa Group Offers firstlevel internship and hands on practical skills training opportunities in verious Technology, Entreprenureship and Business management fields to all communities who wish to perfect themselves for better earning; Equiping communities with better skills to produce more, Manage better, earn more and and inspiring all communities to achieve their dreams.

In our policy of ''Doing business by giving back to Communities'', Skyzone with Globe Farm will continue to work closely with all African Development partners like NGOS and Governments to provide quick proctical skills and inspiration they need to enhace production especially those disadavantaged communities in the country side.

SkyLabs is in the process of establishing upcountry centers/Labs to offer Mobile and on site well tailored Practical skills training and mentorship oppportunities in verious fields,

Our Contractual HR Skilling & Dev'tPrograms and Projects include but not limited to;

  • HR Development for Telecoms, Fleet Businesses, and Technical Field Operations e.g, Training, Organising, metoring and supervision of Telecom & constuction or industrial field or operational staff. (Technical or operational Staff)
  • NGO/Gov't Community skilling projects partnership
  • Mobile and onsite ICT hands on proctical skilling for communities and varioous Professionals,
  • Rural Skiling Programs by Globe Farm Ltd (a Member of the Skyzone group)
  • Farmer technical Training --Agro-technology and Value addition NGO/Gov’t partnership
  • Water harvesting, treatment, management and simple Irrigation skilling for farmers and various communities
  • Environmental conservation and protection mobile skilling
  • Renewable Energy for Agriculture and Environmental conservation NGO/Gov’t
  • Farm resources management skills
  • Business management and record keeping skills for Rural African Communties
  • Project and contract management skills
  • Field resources management skills

Hands on practical skills will help you become more productive, competitive and usefull in your economic domain and social setting

Do not hessitate, contact us and we take it up from there for your permanent life joy

  • Business, Social & public relations and Resources management skills
  • Professional ethics and Integrity skills--Technology component,
  • HR surpersion skills
News Update
May, 2014
Skyzone Track now integrates Fuel Sensor with the application.

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