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Helping You Screen and Trace your fleet Entries + Exits and Manage your Parking Revenues and Security using Hi-Tech solutions that stand the test of time.



Managing your Fleet Traffic and generating revenues as planned

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Products; Consulting Engineers in Hi-Tech Car Road Toll and Parking Auto-Pay & Security solutions.

Skyzone's Advance Hi-Tech Car Park and Road Toll Management Solutions for :

          • Air Ports
          • Shopping Malls,
          • Universities & Academic Institutions
          • Government designated Centers
          • Arts Theaters and Cinema places
          • Bus and Taxi Parks
          • Car Parking Malls/Yards
          • Event Parking - Mobile and non-Mobile systems
          • General Hi-Tech Security and Fraud control for Cars and users.
          • E.t.c.

Managing your Traffic and fraud in real time andgenerating enough revenue to propel your growth targets.

What we do:

  • Design, Supply,Installation and maintenanceof Cra Road Toll management systems
  • Entry and Exit Auto-Ticketing and Barrier control systems
  • CarLicencePlate (LPR) Recorder Cameras and Ticketing systems
  • Long Term and Short Term Parking Control Systems
  • Vehicle Classification Cameras and appropriate levy of Parking Charges.
  • Auto- Pay Sation with and Cash (Coins and Bank Note Management system)
  • PowerBack system Supply, Installlation and maintenance
  • Auto-Pay stationswith Cash Validation systems to eliminate counterfeit Banking
  • Well Customisable system to fit Organisations Policies,Colours and Logos

Control your Space, Terrorists and Parking Revenue in real time and accurately with detailed and comprehensive Reporting systems that eliminate Fraud and recruitment of day-night big staff number. Self Automated system that requires very few trained staff to operate.

  • Abvanced Intelligent system that Works Beyond Barriers
  • Pay Stions thatgive back your customers Change and balances and accurate reciepts
  • Parking system that auto-calculates parking time , charges and penalties
  • Parking system that uses hi-tech CCTV Cameras to classify vehicles and ccording to their size and capacities and charge accordingly
  • Parking system thatAuto controls Gate Barriers accordingto payment accomplishments and allowed grace time period.
  • Parking system that Auto Charges Parking and Payment Violations
  • Parking system with in-build intercom and CCTV online system assist Drivers or road users automatically without employing many staff.
  • Parking system with detailed integrated Financial Reports
  • Parking ssystem which can be integrated with the organisation's Financial Accounting systems and softwares.
  • And many detailed wide range benefits and applications
  • Parking system that Auto-Manages Terrorism and Car Fraud.
  • Working beyond Road Toll barriers.
  • Well Customisable system to fit Organisations Policies,Colours and Logo

    Tested Engineers with hi-Tech Systems that accurately meet customer's site needs and stand the test of time.

  • Connecting System Power Stabilisers and Backup systems--1-Phase and 3-Phase power systems

    All packages are completely customizable and can be tailored to suit your needs.

Entry and Exit Car Control Barrier Systems , Short and Long Term Parking Control Systems, Parky Charges Auto-Pay Stations and ReportinfFinancial Systems, including Custome help desk videolised intercom systems , e.t.c

News Update
May, 2014
Skyzone Track now integrates Fuel Sensor with the application.




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