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24/7 Tight Surveillance with World Class Integrated security Systems

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Products Range --!!!! CCTV Surveillance, Access Controls, Time & Attendence systems & FixedAssets Mg't/Barcoding Technology !!!!

In this current world full of terror threats, high level costly and Scarce resources, reliable 24/7 real time Security Surveillance is your first level consideration if realy you care about peace of mind, total safety and miss use or management of your production resources. Skyzone Offers a wide rage of Expert security services and solutions including GPS integrated Remote security Surveillance for verious Investments, Multiple Scarttered Installtions and Public Security.

Real Time Street Surveillance solutions. Consulting Engineers. Helping Urban Traffic and Security managers fix Trasic and Public Security problems such as Terrorism or Traffice Disorder in real time.

Take Security and safety seriously, Fix it today. Providing Tight Security solutions for;

  • Industries & Property Owners
  • Schools, Universities/Institutions of learning
  • Public centers & City Premises
  • Religious/ Prayer Centres
  • Shopping Malls, Markets & Business Centers
  • Sports Stadia amd Recreational places
  • Government centers & important Installations
  • Street & Road Traffic Surveillance
  • Homes & Offices, Banks, Hotels & Restaurants
  • Bus, Rail and Taxi Parks
  • Public transport Vehicles and Trains
  • Airports, Marine Vessels and Ports
  • Cargo centers
  • Research Centers
  • Telecoms, ICT Centers & Terrain Plants
  • Power Dams & Transmission Ceters
Advanced Home security solutions that includes Remote connectivity for remote real time Surveillance of your premises

Time & Attendence, Access Controls, RFIDs- Biometrics & Fixed Assets Security Systems Installation & Maintenance Works

  • Time and Attendence Systems projects
  • Acess Control Systems - projects
  • Signature Pads and Bio-registration systems
  • Fuel Stations and Car service centers Biometric Systems
  • Automatic Bus, Taxi and Train Ticketing and Passenger management Systems
  • Motion Detectors and Alarm Systms
  • GPS/GSM - CCTV integrated car Alarm systems
  • Car Bomb & Drug Scanners
  • Atomatic Gate Security Booms & Bell systems
Industries, Big Institutions and construction sites need to keep their security detail tight to avoid mass related Problems

CCTV Surveillance Systems Intallation & Maintenance works

  • Installation and Maintenance contracts
  • Configuration & Remote Connectivity
  • Integration works with GPS Data Logers and Security Alarm/Siren systems
  • Marine CCTV installation & maintenance works
  • Wild life CCTV Project design & Implimentation
  • Research CCTV Project implimentation works
  • Consultancy
  • Urban Street surveillance CCTV project design and Implimentation works

Card and Finger Print Time and Attendence and Access Control Systems ---------------- (Supply, Installation and maintenance works), - -RFID Systems

Marinre CCTV Engineers and integration with remote GPS tracking and Navigation systems







Supply and implemention of Barcoding Technology and Asset management system. Comprehensive Fixed Asset Management system for total elimination of unnecessary losses or unauthorised usage  

We are Consulting Engineers in CCTV Surveillance, Biometric & Fixed Asset Security Technology solutions and services



May, 2014
Skyzone Track now integrates Fuel Sensor with the application.

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