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Close all your Busines leakages & prosper . Fuel is one of the major Business leakages if not accuratly & Timely Managed. It also posees a bigger Environmental challenge if transfer and usage is not well managed

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Products: Experts in Fuel Monitoring & management, Bringing Desired Accuracy, Security and Associated Environmental Risks and Disasters to the Excellent level.

Helping you Monitor and Manage your Oil and Gas investments in real time to Avoid loss of Business, Human life and Evironmental parmanent damage.

Taking Contractual Works in;

  • Oil and Gas pipeline Tamper Surveillance and General maintenance Works
  • Oil and Depots, Procesing and dispensing Plants Monitoring and management
  • Oil and Gas Environmental Hazards and disaster monitoring and Impact Assessment
  • Pipeline Crew management and Traing works
  • Oil and Gas Fire outbrake and Accident monitoring and management works
  • Oil and Gas (Fuel) Theft Real Time Surveillance and Management Works

Oil/Gas is a very powerful Strength of your Economy but must be properlly managed to avoid the most deadly human and Environmental disasters.

Skyzone will help you design appropriate solutions and accurately manage your oil and Gas investments as you desire.

Check out Oil and Gas related Accidnts and disasters in this Wikipedia


Your Environment your Life, Manage your oils with Skyzone or consult us for the best Oil, Gas and Fuel Management solutions to avoid all business, Environmental and human disasters


Pipe Bursting, Community Fuel Theft and Fire outbrake Management

Your Oil and Gas Pipeline and your Industrial Action is a real Disaster if not well managed in real time 24/7. Take Care of our Evironment Jalousely.

News Update
May, 2014
Skyzone Track now integrates Fuel Sensor with the application.


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