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Skyzone's Advanced GPS Solutions and services for Gorvenments & NGO Management

  • Real time Crime detection and surveillence solutions
  • Workplace Fraud detection and surveilence solutions
  • Field Staff real time contractual monitoring & management
  • Terrain Navigation solutions for tourism adn field operatives
  • Operational Fleet & Fuel management - Special complete parkage
  • GIS contractual works for project dev't, efficient resource planning and management
  • Terrain installations GPS integrated monitoring and management solutions
  • Urban traffic management & Police enhenced management solutions
  • Fisheries and Landing sites GPS integrated advanced management solutions
  • Wild life Tracking and Tourists GPS integrated Park Navigation solutions
  • GPS integrated Wildlife & Marine Research services and Partnership
  • GPS integrated Environment & Disaster Monitoring & Management --Early Warning Systems
  • GPS integrated Oil Pipeline, Refinery and Depot monitoring and management

Skyzone developing capacity with you to offer Africa the most comprehensive state of the Art tailored solutions to suite your specific needs, leaving you totally satisfied & with expected returns on Investment.

Helping NGOs and Governments Accurately Plan, Locate and manage their Scarce Resources all the time, eliminating abuse and possible misuse. Contact us for your most appropriate solution or service ; Government Authorities & Agencies, NGOS, E.t.c

News Update
May, 2014
Skyzone Track now integrates Fuel Sensor with the application.




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